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Character Letters Example- Michael P. Maddux, P.A. Attorneys at Law


RE: Defendant’s Name

This letter is a letter of character regarding ____________________.

My name is ____________________, M.D., a practicing physician and Chief of Staff of ________ Medical Center in ________________, Florida. I have been a lifelong friend of ___________. Our families were friends before our births. _______ and I were friends during childhood and have remained close after high school, college, and during our adult lives. I know ______________ about as well as any person other than his immediate family could.

I know him to be an industrious, hardworking, family man who is community-minded and other-centered. He has worked hard in his church family and, in fact, worked very hard in his job as __________________________.

I am aware of the events regarding ___________’s guilty plea, and I am aware of what has transpired in the restitution of the money that he took. I truly believe that _________ has already suffered extensively for his actions. He has lost credibility in the public eye, and I believe he is truly despondent regarding what he has put his family through. His is a good family. _________’s mother, father, wife, and children are certainly not deserving of what they have been through. ________ is the sole surviving child for his aging mother and father, and it is my belief that an extended prison sentence will cause significant harm to the health of his aging parents. They depend on him to take care of them and their home so that they can live at home instead of moving to a nursing home.

I believe that an extended prison term will serve as a tremendous hardship for his wife, who will bear the responsibility of trying to repay the costs of the court case and restitution. I believe that ________’s daughters, one of whom has assumed a large portion of the restitution cost, will be tremendously adversely affected if he is required to go to prison.

Because of the significant difficulties that will be faced by his family, who themselves were blameless in this crime, I would ask for you, the judge, to grant __________ a sentence of probation or at least the lowest possible sentence. I believe that the loss of his credentials, his loss of accreditation for his vocation, and the loss of respect in the community, as well as those freedoms that he was afforded prior to his felony conviction, may have taken a bigger effect than keeping him out of the work force. He certainly will not be in a position to be able to repeat his offense and, quite frankly, I cannot imagine that he will ever repeat any illegal activity.

I am also aware of ____________’s health issues and, as a doctor, I believe that sending him to prison could amount to a death sentence. Because of his hemophilia and heart condition, ___________’s treatment must be highly specialized. I believe that his care can only be managed by his current physicians, outside the prison.

Thank you for your consideration.



________________________, M.D.


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